Shree Swaminarayan (Shishu) Mandir, Odhisa

Shree Swaminarayan (Shishu) Mandir is a school with 190 students in the remote village of Chakulia District, Jagatsinghpur District in Odhisa. This school was completely destroyed in the cyclone of October 1999 and was reconstructed in the rehabilitation work done post the cyclone. It was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik and Sri Sri Gajapati DivyaSinh Devji Maharaj on June 10, 2001.

Urvashi Foundation assisted the school by providing school vans so that the children from near-by villages can come to attend school and by providing the school with stationery, notebooks and play games for teaching students from KG- Class 10.